VaporizerYou can rent an Algas 80/40 direct-fired vaporizer construction skid including regulator and separator capable of providing for a 7.2 MMBTU load for $2490* for the first month. A tandem Algas 80/40 skid rents for $4650* for the first month for loads up to 14.4 MMBTU.

You can rent an Aether dbs (Ely) WBV 400 water bath vaporizer only capable of providing for a 37 MMBTU load for $13,547* for one month to as little as $3612* per month for an annual lease. *plus transport, installation and operation.


SkidWe also have portable propane systems on Skids!

Installation must be by a certified propane technician adhering to NFPA-58 and NFPA-54 standards (interiors). UES will provide these services if needed. Renter must provide insurance and assumes any risks inherent with operation of propane equipment.

UES can provide a dedicated delivery service via our own boom truck to respond to immediate needs.

Boom TruckHot Water needed in the Oil Patch?

Soil Remediation needed in a remote location?

Equipment went down?

Equipment didn’t show up on time?

Delivery date on new equipment is in question?

Need a dedicated crew to keep system up and running?


SystemPDF Downloads:

1) RentaVaporizer Lease and Agreement

2) Why Rent from

3) Vaporizer Operator and Maintenance Manual (Algas SDI 80/40)


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